We are a venture capital and private equity company focused on Innovation. We invest in social and environmental solutions that have positive impact while being profitable.

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What we do

We invest in innovative and scalable companies with high growth potential that, in addition to financial resources, seek our partnership for a successful business.

What we don't do

We do not invest in companies that just want financial resources and we do not investin our portfolio company’s competitors.We do not invest in companies that are only looking for money. What we offer is smart capital, bringing value to companies’ strategies, entrepreneurs, society and the environment.

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What we want

Our portfolio consists of those who think and dream big, very big. We want innovative companies to work with them in a complementary way.


  • Neotriad

    Solutions to make everyday users and businesses more productive through software that unifies messages, filters content, and organizes tasks and meetings.

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  • Hometeka

    The easiest way to access the best of architecture, design and decoration. It has interesting content, plugins for SketchUp and online store with more than 5 thousand items.

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  • Boa Consulta

    A scheduling platform for healthcare professionals and users.

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  • Pro​ ​Radis

    Innovative solutions for diagnostic medicine. Provides clinicians with tools to engage with patients, streamline operations, and increase profitability.

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  • eStoks​

    Integrated re-processing, settlement and recycling solutions capable of reducing reverse logistics costs by up to 65%.

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  • Enalta​

    The only Brazilian company among the 50 most innovative in the world in Annual Guide Fast Company of 2013. It stands out for the quality of the work of implementation and management of operational processes in the field throughout Latin America.

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  • Contech​

    The Company develops and manufactures electronic equipment to meet flow measurement and level control processes.

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  • Global​ ​Yeast​

    Belgian-Brazilian biotechnology company focusing on the development and implementation of products and solutions for the fermentation industry.

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  • Intelipost​

    Logistic company that provides TMS (Transport Management Solution) solutions that reduce costs and generate more control and quality for shippers and customers.

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  • Mandae​

    Logistics and technology company focused on e-commerce deliveries. It offers companies fluid, economic and uncomplicated service.

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  • Tecverde​

    Engineering company that brought to Brazil the most advanced technology concepts in the world for more efficient and sustainable constructions.

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  • Unicoba​

    Present in over 85% of companies in Brazil, it develops energy efficiency solutions in LED lighting, portable batteries and energy storage solutions.

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Eduardo Grytz
Managing Partner

Guillaume Sagez
Managing Partner

Humberto Matsuda
Managing Partner

Patrick Cannell


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