We are a private equity manager that invests through equity and mezzanine products.
We invest in middle market and innovative companies with high growth potential.


  • Contech​

    The Company develops and manufactures electronic equipment to meet flow measurement and level control processes.

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  • Global​ ​Yeast​

    Belgian-Brazilian biotechnology company focusing on the development and implementation of products and solutions for the fermentation industry.

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  • Intelipost​

    Logistic company that provides TMS (Transport Management Solution) solutions that reduce costs and generate more control and quality for shippers and customers.

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  • Mandae​

    Logistics and technology company focused on e-commerce deliveries. It offers companies fluid, economic and uncomplicated service.

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  • Tecverde​

    Engineering company that brought to Brazil the most advanced technology concepts in the world for more efficient and sustainable constructions.

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  • Unicoba​

    Present in over 85% of companies in Brazil, it develops energy efficiency solutions in LED lighting, portable batteries and energy storage solutions.

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Guillaume Sagez
Managing Partner

Patrick Cannell
Managing Partner


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